A two-day visit of ACEG representatives took place last week 6 – 7 February 2020 in Korça with the purpose to present the project “Promoting Sustainable Tourism through Increasing Municipal and Entrepreneurship Capacities in Wider Prespa Area” to the two vice mayors of Pustec Municipality”, Mayor of Devoll Municipality and local NGOs. The discussion was focused on the aim of the project to orient tourism development towards natural tourism and the importance on the inter-municipal cooperation, exchange, and capacity building of the local administration engaged in the tourism development of the two municipalities Pustec and Devoll in the Wider Prespa Area.

Ms. Buxhaku, project manager ACEG, highlighted the importance to enhance the skills of the young entrepreneurs on sustainable tourism by training and providing them also financial support directly from the project as e start of their business. Another important component of the project is the identification of the existing business practices according to the principles of sustainable tourism and the promotion of the nature -based tourism product to enter to the tour guides.

Ms. De Koing, executive director explained that PONT will support the area by enhancing the ability of the community to develop economic opportunities in a sustainable manner, with the aim to protect the nature resources and the environment in the protected area. In this frame is important to enhance the capacity building of the local administration and the youth community toward the nature tourism and the promotion of the WP Area as a touristic attractive point. PONT in collaboration with ProSEED through IDEA + program, with the financial support of the project have started to work in this direction to promote not only the protected area but the entire region.

This project is supported by Prespa Ohrid Nature Trust (PONT) and ProSEED.

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