ACEG starts the needs analysis survey on nature tourism for local enterprises in Prespa

The small business community in Prespa Lake has seen a small revival of their activity with an increased number of tourists compared to 2020, pandemic situation. There are some 25 touristic-focused small enterprises in the area of Prespa which are dependend on local natural resources such as  restaurants, guesthouses, boat tour services, merchandizing and selling of local products.

The Albanian Center for Environmental Governance local coordinator is conducting a local business survey to identify their needs and weakness and then develop a programme of support in the area of nature tourism in the territory. 

Our survey will lead to a need assessment analysis, tailored couching support for various groups and working closely in the area to strengthen local actors’ skills in tourism, nature protection and environmental good practices and networking and marketing.

The ACEG together with PONT recognize the unique role and contribution of the local people in nature conservation efforts and the inclusion of this approach to tourism activities.

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