Our team

Each of our team members represents the spirit of ACEG. The members of ACEG are committed, result oriented and consciousness for the potential and mission of the centre. We aim to identify the innovators and proactive people with a variety of experiences and inspiring capabilities to deliver effective work and built a talented and complimentary team.



Our mission

The ACEG Center was established by a group of environmental activists, innovators, scientists and practitioners with the primary goal of advancing environmental governance through the use of expert judgment in areas such as environmental justice, good environmental governance, green economy & resource efficiency, alternative development and agro-tourism, crime prevention and environmental corruption and environmental security.


Our values

Diversity: ACEG has an open policy towards diversity of opinions, cultures, and ethnicities. We promote equal development between women and men, rural and urban communities, young and old alike.

Impartiality - The ACEG Center shares its work in an impartial way towards local authorities, stakeholder groups and community leaders. We are following a zero conflict policy, and we will try to influence by serving as a role model and by giving personal examples.

Participation- All our work is based on respect and the merit of inclusion, where environmental resources and costs are shared proportionately engaging all stakeholders and stakeholders.


Transparency and Accountability - The ACEG Center provides and expects to receive clear, abundant and up-to-date information. We are determined to achieve the best standards and expect the same from partners, collaborators to achieve and ensure these standards.

Collaboration and networking - No organization or group, no matter how motivated, can do it alone. Therefore, we respect the wishes and will of our founders and - the network of members they represent - and strive to create a common voice, working together in order to achieve the common goal and live common values.

Advocacy - Laying the foundations for sustainable environmental change and development is not enough. Therefore, the ACEG Center is committed to convincing decision-makers to adopt the innovative solutions presented by the ACEG Center by working with local offices in each municipality, administrative unit, state institution and agency and at national and international roundtables.